When you’re looking for a kitchen like no one else’s, our Dynasty semi-custom and Omega Premium Custom lines blend together with ease, giving you that stunning kitchen without breaking the bank.  Because Omega offers matching door styles and finishes in both lines, Cabinets Plus can integrate a few custom pieces without paying for full custom throughout.  And in 2012, Omega has announced it will be adding even more products and features to their Dynasty line-up. Here are a few of our faves!

Drawer Height on the Rise

No more jammed drawers or containers of bulky gadgets on the countertop. Put them where they belong in Dynasty’s new & improved top drawer. They’ve increased the height of the drawer box a full 1/2″, giving you additional interior room which can easily clear over-sized tools such as can openers, cork pulls, and whisks. This enhancement is now standard on all Dynasty base cabinets.

The Selectable Approach

The selectable approach puts the ability to adjust the look of Dynasty’s existing doors right into your hands. This is the ultimate in design flexibility for a semi-custom line. Choose one door, then select the options you prefer for that door. By selecting the overlay, drawer front styles, and outside edge profile, you have the ability to vividly change the personality of the door style so that it can beautifully compliment your home’s existing decor.

Door Style Dreams Come True

Door styles quickly establish a room’s personality, and Dynasty’s three newest doors do that effortlessly, quietly mixing the classic and modern in a subtle and cost-effective way. Take a look at the clean lined designs in the Milena and Renner doors, or the suggestion of glamour in Cayhill’s mitred door & reversed raised panel.

A Finishing Touch

Dynasty’s latest finish: the Magnolia. A subtly gray-toned white that harmonizes with current trends for richer & more subdued whites. Think dove gray, French gray, moonlight, linen, and pearls; today’s palette of whites and grays is refined, soothing, and inviting. Like those, Magnolia has a strong, quiet presence of its own, but also presents a great canvas for a gorgeous use of glaze.

The Art of Innovation

It’s all about how people actually use their kitchens. After all, this heart of your home is far more than a place to simply prepare food. It’s the command center, an entertainment lounge, and a natural gathering place for friends and family. A beauiful, space-savvy kitchen requires design smarts to maximize its functionality and enhance its lifestyle quotient. From electronic, hands-free access for cabinets, and remote control locking options, to splash-proof power pods that keep you and your family plugged in & connected, Dynasty has thought of everything to give you one of the most cutting edge, versitile, and convenient kitchens available today! Stop in our showroom & let us show you everything our favorite semi-custom line has to offer!